The Movement

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Regaining Hope Designs is more than a clothing company. I started it to bring awareness to sexually abused and trafficked victims. Sexual abuse is far more common than most people realize. About one in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. About 90% of them will know their abuser. Most people think that human trafficking is not common in the United States. But that is far from the truth. Just In 2017 there was 199 cases of human trafficking right here in Pennsylvania. These victims are left feeling hopeless, alone, and discourage.

Having been a victim myself, I know the feeling of being hopeless and alone. I felt like there was no one else out there dealing with the same things I went through. I was able to regain my hope after finding counseling. The desire to bring awareness and helping others to find healing has been a passion of mine. My vision is to create a t-shirt line that brings awareness and to remind others no matter what you’re going through; There is Hope. The word “regain” means “to obtain possession again after losing it”. I chose the name Regaining Hope Designs as a reminder that we all can return to a place of self-belief even after we feel all is lost. 

I will be donating a portion of all purchases to local and national organizations who help sexually abused and human trafficked victims.

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